Best All-Natural Way to Clean Grout

clean-grout-finished - Dogs-Don't-Eat-Pizza

If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see me clean my bathroom (lucky you!). I needed to get our bathroom ready for selling our home. I needed to clean the grout on our porcelain tile floor, but didn’t want to use bleach or other harsh cleaners. I found the best, easiest, all-natural way […]

Five Things I’ve Learned About Moving

daughter-room-green - color-showcase - Mohawk Homescapes

Hi there! I’ve been knee-deep lately in boxes, painters, window-cleaners, storage rooms, and dust. It’s been a bit nutty here, with all the moving stuff going on. Here are five things I’ve learned about moving, from my experience so far: 1. Moving is like childbirth or getting really drunk. And what do those things have […]

I’m Not the Jute Rug Type

new-mohawk-rug-trellis - Dogs-Don't-Eat-Pizza

“Always had a roof above me Always paid the rent But I’ve never set foot inside a tent Can’t build a fire to save my life I lied about being the outdoor type.” – The Outdoor Type, by the Lemonheads (If you have never heard of the Lemonheads, run, don’t walk, to iTunes or (if […]

I Fell in Love with a Craftsman (and my husband knows!)

porch - Dogs-Don't-Eat-Pizza

I like old homes. I like old dogs. I like old stuff. Remember the old principal’s bench I have in our living room? Or the old window I turned into a memo board? Or the typewriter that my mother- and father-in-law were nice enough to give me? So it may not come as a surprise […]

How to Move a Shed Down a Grassy Hill

shed-down-sloped-grassy-hill - Dogs-Don't-Eat-Pizza

We have this shed: And , as you can see, it’s right next to the house. It actually blocked one of the breakfast room windows, which prevented light from coming in. So we decided to move the shed from the patio down to the bottom corner of our yard (where we use the garden tools […]

Hot Dog Bun Garlic “Knots”

finished-garlic-rolls-from-hot-dog-buns - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

After our July 4 cookout, we always have leftover hot dog buns. I’m not sure why – maybe because more of us eat hamburgers rather than hot dogs, or that my daughter – who is our resident hot dog eater – eats them without buns. Whatever the reason, we always have them left over and […]

The Colors of Our Home (Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza HQ)

living-room - paint-color - Bleeker-Beige - Leviton

Choosing paint colors and finishes can be a daunting task. Today, I’m over at the Leviton Blog’s Designer’s Corner talking about the paint colors we used in our home and why I chose them. Head on over and say hi! Here’s the link: Thanks for stopping by!  

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