Thirty Days of Gratitude, Day 21: The Back Porch

back porch - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Thirty Days of Gratitude, Day 21: I am grateful for my back porch. The back porch of our 1929 house is my very favorite place to relax. In fact, I am writing this post from the porch. I hear the birds, the weather is perfect, and the dogs are lying next to me. It’s lovely. […]

A New Way to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

Reserve It Photo - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

When I was a kid, I remember when, about this time of year, the Sears catalog would arrive in the mail. My brother and I would take turns poring over it, and circling everything we wanted. My mom would hear us say, “I want THAT,” every five seconds or so, and, before she knew it, half […]

Thirty Days of Gratitude, Day 19: The Family Room

family room - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

On Day 19 of Thirty Days of Gratitude, I am grateful for our family room. You may remember this picture from this post, about how I framed the plans for this house. This is the room where we watch TV, play games, and hang out together (hence the name, I suppose). The fireplace provides warmth on […]

Christmas Countdown Chalkboard


I know, I know – I said no December holiday posts before Thanksgiving. But I’m showing you how to make this Christmas Countdown Chalkboard today because you can use it any time of year! This post is part of the RYOBI Christmas Blog Hop, where you can find 18 easy-to-build Christmas projects using RYOBI tools, including this […]

Thirty Days of Gratitude, Days 14 & 15: The Pups

synchronized napping - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

I’m combining yesterday’s and today’s gratitude posts and being thankful for our doggies today. Bear and Hank are the best dogs – they are sweet, loving, goofy, and fun. Let me tell you their stories. Bear Bear’s full name is Bear Bryant Dog Cooper. Dear Husband named her. (Roll Tide.) I have always been a “dog person.” […]

A Pick-Me-Up Pickup and a Giveaway!

order complete in record time - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Picture a mini-van on its way down the interstate, packed to the gills. The van was laden with towels, sheets, a comforter, clothes, and anything else a freshman could need for college. Honestly, it’s surprising the van even moved. I remember shopping with Mom and making sure we had anything and everything I could possibly need […]

Thirty Days of Gratitude, Day 12: 5 DIY Lessons I’ve Learned

painted lockers - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

For Day 12 of the Thirty Days of Gratitude, I am grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned DIYing. I thought I’d give you my top five today. 1. The Only Thing You Have to Fear Is Fear Itself. I told the story once (in this post) about how I went to buy an augur […]

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