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crate as coffee table in place - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

From Crate to Coffee Table

Our family room needed a coffee table. At first, I tried using this ottoman/bench as the coffee table: But my family complained that the surface was too soft. For drinks, books, and games, we needed a hard surface. I first looked to buy a coffee table, but couldn’t find one that I loved. It was…

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Bear at home - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

The Friday Five: Five Things About Me

Time for The Friday Five! As many of you know from my Facebook and Instagram updates, Bear – the dog who doesn’t eat pizza – was taken to the ER over the weekend with pancreatitis. I was in Florida visiting family at the time, so I flew home to take care of her. She’s on the…

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welcome sign - living room - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

The Friday Five: What “Home” Means

Happy Friday! Time for The Friday Five! Today, I’ve asked five of my blogging BFFs to tell me what “Home” means to them. Here are their answers: Debbie of Refresh Restyle: “Home is where the coffee is strong and the bed is soft. Where there’s love, laughter and sometimes dancing. A place of refuge, a place to do as…

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back wall conundrum - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Freestyle Design

Sometimes, I get the design equivalent of writer’s block. I’ve got a case of it now, in fact, with our guest room design. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it – and specifically the back wall – since we moved in. The room, as you can see, is beige. I tried to –…

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