The Great Room Move-Around: Progress

Happy Friday!

In the spirit of Finish-It-Friday, I thought I’d show you the progress we’ve made on our Great Room Move-Around. We’re not quite finished, but we’ve made a lot of progress.

dogs - move-around - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Here was the master bedroom before, when it was upstairs:

master-bedroom-before - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Now it’s my daughter’s room:

daughter-room - move-around - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Remember the magazine picture?

bedroom-inspiration-picture-from-BHG - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Well, we’re making progress toward that vision. We have the curtains (from Target – more high/low information coming soon!) and are going to hang them this weekend.

What else needs to be done?

– Paint the room “Lime Green” once I can find a comparable color to the Ralph Lauren one above;

– Find a night stand for her (she has one, but she told me it’s on “the wrong side” of the bed. The problem is that that’s where the outlet is for her lamp and clock.).

Here is what her room looked like before:

daughter's-room-rearranged-before - bed-side-view - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

That room is now the guest room and my office:

new-office-guest-room - move-around - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

office - guest-room - move-around - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

The to-do list for this room includes:

– Paint over the green stripe;

– Hang window treatments;

– Create command center over my desk for me;

– Organize desk and files.

The guest room/my office was formerly downstairs:

guest-room-redo-bed-before - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Now it’s the master bedroom (soon-to-be master suite!):

master-suite-bedroom - move-around - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

(Have you entered to win a stencil? If not, click HERE.)

What’s left to do in this room is:

– Hang the mirror;

– Hang the curtains;

– Renovate the bathroom (!!).

That’s where we are now. Remember what my living room looked like before, in the throes of moving?

mess-move-around - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

Now we’re down to just this:

living-room - move-around - Dogs Don't Eat PizzaNot too shabby, huh?

We donated a lot of stuff, we consigned some stuff, and what was left I put away. Progress is being made!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. says

    Dang. With all the kids we have we’ve moved around rooms a bunch (especially right after we adopted) but you are majorly industrious! I’m just tired looking at your to do list. It’s better if I don’t write mine down :) I would truly have to take a nap!

  2. says

    I am honored to even stumble upon a task of this magnitude! I love it, love it, love it! And that RUG! OMGosh is it ever beautiful (better than the one in the magazine!) See what happens when I get too busy and don’t poke my nose around here for a while?
    Ha! I say, “I’m busy…” more like a sloth compared to what you’ve been up to!! I’m calling Better Homes and Gardens for a photo shoot!

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