One Year, plus the Word of the Year

Good morning!

One year ago today, I started Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what this blog would become.  I just knew that I wanted to write and I felt like I had things to share.  

When I first started this blog, I wrote about my life and menus and stuff like that.  Now it’s become more – not just life stuff, but also my DIY projects.  Thanks to encouragement from my friends, I started sharing the projects I was doing in our home.

The DIY projects – painting, building, reorganizing, upcycling – are really my passion.  It’s what I love.  So I decided to shift more of the focus of this blog to those projects.  And once I had the confidence to tackle bigger projects, I also had the confidence to write about them and share them with you.  In sharing them, I want to show that, if I can pull carpet off the stairs or paint a green stripe around a room with lots of doors and windows (and a missing laser level), you can, too.

Which brings me to the Word of the Year.  Last year, the Word of the Year was “evenings.” I wanted to take back my evenings so that I could spend more time with my husband and doing what I wanted to do at night, rather than what I had to do.  

I think I accomplished that.  Of course, there were times when I had to work late into the night or finish something at night that I didn’t have time to complete during the day.  But overall, I think I did ok.

This year’s Word of the Year builds on something I said above…confidence.  Over this past year, I have felt your support and I have built my confidence – both in my projects and my writing.  That is going to continue in 2013, so this year’s Word of the Year is … (drum roll please…)


No, not Disney movie Brave.  I don’t have red curly hair and, last I checked, my mother is not a bear.

I mean that I am not going to shy away from a challenge.  I’m going to tackle projects that, until now, I’ve been a bit hesitant about starting.  

And I’m pretty sure – I am sure – power tools will be involved.

Some of the projects I know I’ll be tackling this year include:

(1) Finally doing something about the blank spot in our front yard and awkward area in our backyard.  I think this is going to involve building a retaining wall or a bed of some sort.  

(2) Finally painting and installing shelves in our guest bath.  I’d like to take this further and get a new vanity and retile the bathroom…part of being brave…so we’ll see….

(3) Finally repainting our living room.  I have debated and debated about what color to paint it.  So far, I’ve played it safe and kept it Bleeker Beige (Benjamin Moore).  But I’m ready for a change and I think I’ve finally figured out what color to use.  Stay tuned.

(4) Finally losing the last amount of weight I gained when I broke my leg. I have started and stopped with this, largely due to being worried (whether justified or not) about whether my leg will hold up during exercise.  I’m going to take it slowly, but no longer have this fear.  Being careful is different than being fearful.  Gonna be brave instead.

(5) I am going to the Haven Conference again this year (for home/DIY bloggers).  I went last year and had an incredible time.  Great sessions, great people – I learned so much.  But I was a little overwhelmed by all the information and how much I didn’t know.  This year, I’m going armed with more experience and more knowledge, so I’m not going to act like a deer in headlights this year.

And more…in my garage, there are pallets and a headboard and a desk, waiting to be tackled.

Did I mention power tools? OK.  Just checking.

2012 was a great year at Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza HQ (if you want to catch up on all the big projects, please check out my year-in-review post here).  I promise more fun and more projects and bravery in 2013.

What projects are you going to tackle this year?  What is your Word of the Year?

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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    You got this!!! As funny as a red curly Brave wig would look on you…I like your look better :) Amazing word for the new year! I love it! I can’t wait to Haven!! We will have a blast!

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